Design that speaks to the heart behind your hustle.

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Projects I've launched.


After rebranding Aaron’s marketing service business, he raised hisprices by 33% and also saw a 150% increase in the conversion rate.

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This well-established laundry wash & delivery service needed a modern UX design built to handle complex customer requests & bookings.

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What I do.

Brand identity design.

Visual design acts as a invitation into your brand, helping you build trust through a consistent and cohesive brand identity. I’ll make sure your first impression is memorable and long-lasting.

UX design.

How a user interacts & engages with your design is just as important as how it looks. Together, we’ll identify the optimal user journey & create a comprehensive website experience your customers will rave about.

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Hey there,
I’m Diana Lopez.

I’m a freelance website designer based in Southern California. I collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs to create digital products that have a message, mission, and meaning.

I translate your inspiring ideas into designs that work for you and your people.

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