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Is your website
sleeping on the job?

Are you constantly making moves to grow your business but find your design efforts don't measure up? You're giving it your all, yet your business is not making the impact you hoped it would. Is the design that represents your business working for you or against you?

Your design isn’t about you. It’s about your customers.

10 seconds.

It takes just 10 seconds for customers to make an instant decision whether or not they like and trust your brand. How are you using those 10 seconds?

59% of people.

Most people shop at websites with "familiar" brands. If your visual identity doesn't resonate with your visitors, it's unlikely they’ll remember you.

80% and 23%.

Consistent branding increases revenues up to 23%. Consider something as simple as a “signature color” boosts recognition by 80%.

Design is powerful.

It doesn't have to be complicated.

I've helped many entrepreneurs like you through a time-tested design process that translates your business needs into an engaging website and visual identity that your customers will thank you for.

1. Define everything.

Problems, goals, customers. Brain dump it all in this step.

2. Explore a lot.

Lay out all possible solutions and consider impact of each.

3. Try a few things.

Make non-committal
examples of viable options for discussion.

4. Refine one thing.

Refine the option that fits what you need until it’s perfect.

What are your
website goals?

Your website is just like any other employee. On top of representing you, it should work to get you more results. But—it only works if you give it a goal. Murky goals for your online presence? Not a problem. Take the quiz and find out what your website goals should be.

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