Branding for Better Marketing.

2-hour Strategy Session

Strategy sessions are incredibly focused, results-oriented, virtual branding workshops for business owners.

This strategy session results in a personalized action plan for startup or small business content marketing. While you will see immediate effects from the principles gained here, such as posting relevant content, the real results will build over more time. Start building an audience with this strategy session.

What you get.

In addition to any deliverables mentioned above, you’ll receive a setup on Trello, Notion, Monday, Asana, Jira, or your preferred project management system (we can recommend one for you as well) that includes all your action items with a timeline, plus reference notes.

In the agenda.

#1. Define brand direction.

First we’ll figure out what your brand’s direction is. This is how you’ll define the broad strokes of your marketing strategy.

#2. Create customer profiles.

In the second step, we’ll define your target market from demographics like age and gender to psychographics such as their personal “golden rule.” These insights will help you figure out what kind of content you can create.

#3. Uncover brand personality.

At this point, we’ll uncover your brand’s voice and personality. We’ll also create guidelines for keeping these consistent across media.

#4. Build content marketing plan.

Finally, inspired by a military strategy called the CARVER matrix, you’ll brainstorm and then realistically prioritize marketing tactics for your business. After this session, you’ll have dozens of marketing ideas to test and refine upon, with the confidence that you’re making the right moves.

Need to see results? Read our case study on how we helped a startup break $1,000,000 in revenue or check out our client reviews on Clutch:

On pricing.

If you are a nonprofit or social justice movement, get in touch because we may be able to work with you pro-bono.

We’ve priced the strategy session to be something you have to think about before purchase yet it’s accessible for business owners across demographics.

Price still seem high? Consider:

  1. Do you need to spend a lot of time on your branding process? With a strategy session, you’re ready to start testing out ideas live in just a few hours. Compare that to a traditional branding agency that can take months to create something serving your assumptions. Time is—you know the rest.
  2. What could you accomplish if your focus for the next few months or years was laser-sharp? The best part of strategy sessions are the clarity and focus they elicit in business owners. Far from feeling pigeonholed, you’ll feel inspired to double down on what you’re good at and what the market needs.
  3. How much change do you want? This won’t work for fly-by-night operations. If thinking of your business’ future gets you starry-eyed, we want to work with you. We’re looking to create big change, more than applying a bandage in the form of logo redesign after redesign.

Refund policy.

Full refunds, no questions asked, are available before time of service. Alas, no refunds after time of service. That means no-shows are ineligible for refunds.


If you have questions or need to complete a more in-depth project, feel free to book a free consultation.

How to Get Started.

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